Prowling his own quiet backyard or asleep by the fire, he is still only a whisker away from the wilds. - Jean Burden

The Corral

The Empty Meow Corral was started in 2009 when we bought our property in Naples, Florida and found that three cats had been abandoned by the previous residents. Not ones to turn away hungry animals, we fed them and took them on. The three new additions to our family joined the four inside cats that we already had. Three of which are rescues from the North Eastern United States.


Within a few months, a female cat started to frequent our property and we began feeding her as well. Not realizing that she was just sizing us up to see if we were qualified to be good caretakers to her new litter. Suddenly, within a months time three darling little under nourished and dirty kittens emerged from the thick brush behind our home. These new little lives would just stare up at us scared to death, but hungry enough to eat and not run away. Sadly, when they would open their little mouths to try and meow, they were so weak nothing would come out. It was then that the Empty Meow Corral was born.


With fourteen more ferals on board, the result of two litters from the same mother cat, who has since been spayed, we have become the safe haven for several feral cats. Our colony is registered with Florida State and each cat has been *chipped, *clipped, and *tipped for their safety to prevent future litters.


Collier County, Florida has an enormous feral cat population and although not enough is being done to help this outbreak, which leads to the sensless abuse and killings of thousands of cats a year, the Empty Meow Corral is a starting point for these precious lives and a much needed change.



Chipped- microchip under the shoulder

Clipped- spayed and/or neutered

Tipped - each left ear is cut off at the tip for easy identification as being a  fixed  cat in case of capture by the humane society or animal services.


About the Founder

Rusti Castano was born and raised in Nicholasville, Kentucky on a small tobacco farm where as a child she tended to over twenty cats at any given time. She has been taking care of ferals her entire life.


An animal lover of all kinds, Rusti has a unique bond with cats and loves the out doors. She moved to Southern Florida (Big Cypress Swamp) in 2009 to care for her her ailing parents. Although Rusti's true love is a snow capped mountain, she has found a place that gives her passion for taking care of animals a home in Naples.